Muhaddisa Ali is working towards completing their BFA in graphic design at RISD. They are interested in the translation of human emotions and experiences through design. Currently at FARRYNHEIGHT and Brown Political Review

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Muhaddisa Ali is a current student at Rhode Island School of Design working towards completing their BFA in graphic design. They are interested in finding and translating human emotions and experiences in their work.

The ‘Missing’ Catalogue
Design Studio 2


Starting from poster explorations of objects acquired by the MET Museum collections, the "Missing" Catalogue is the beginning of a newspaper publication series addressing and educating the colonial history of items and artworks acquired by the MET museum. This Issue focuses on the Islamic Art section of the museum, highlighting the ways the MET describes each object and annotating to bring attention to the ways in which it conflicts or cannot grasp true understanding of the objects it has acquired. Imagert of ripped paper comes from the idea of these objects being torn away from the cultures and people that they belong to, being displayed in an inaccessible place for some of those members of community.


Creative Direction
Visual Identity
Editorial Design
Publication Design