Muhaddisa Ali is working towards completing their BFA in graphic design at RISD. They are interested in the translation of human emotions and experiences through design. Currently at FARRYNHEIGHT and Brown Political Review

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Muhaddisa Ali is a current student at Rhode Island School of Design working towards completing their BFA in graphic design. They are interested in finding and translating human emotions and experiences in their work.


Coded Posters


In many ways, we navigate the world following coded behaviours and practices, conditioned into us by a society at large that not everyone questions. Capitalism, relentless productivity and detachment from emotions are celebrated characteristics. In this coded world, a breakdown of these values is occuring. What if we actually stopped for a minute and paused, focused on rest, healing, taking time and tending to our humanity?

These coded poster series created from generated compositions in p5.js explore a world where relentless productivity culture is starting to be challeneged. 


Poster Design

Coding - p5.js