Muhaddisa Ali is working towards completing their BFA in graphic design at RISD. They are interested in the translation of human emotions and experiences through design. Currently at FARRYNHEIGHT and Brown Political Review

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Muhaddisa Ali is a current student at Rhode Island School of Design working towards completing their BFA in graphic design. They are interested in finding and translating human emotions and experiences in their work.

Design Foundations


Silence and smallness are encouraged in Pakistani women. The most virtuous woman is one who is polite, and quite, and does not take up space.

The Urdu word بول (bol) translates to ‘speak’ in English. Bol is a campaign  designed to challenge silence and smallness encouraged in women in Pakistan, encouraging us to take up space, and make our voices heard through repetitive use of the word that spreads across the canvas, and the bold use of collage form.


Creative Direction
Campaign Design

Visual Identity