Muhaddisa Ali is working towards completing their BFA in graphic design at RISD. They are interested in the translation of human emotions and experiences through design. Currently at FARRYNHEIGHT and Brown Political Review

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Muhaddisa Ali is a current student at Rhode Island School of Design working towards completing their BFA in graphic design. They are interested in finding and translating human emotions and experiences in their work.

Clouds to Place
Design Studio III


The sky is a canvas. We project our memories, feelings, emotions, and childish desires onto it’s landscape, in it’s clouds.

Cloud to Place is a collection of interviews and communal drawing site made in collaboration with Joyce Ho and Mathhew Cuschieri that showcases our very human desire to find meaning in the mundance, and connect with our inner child. Interviewe’s shared the shapes and memories they saw in the clouds, which we memorialized and opened up for the audience to engage with and project their own interpretations through the drawing element of the website.


Creative Direction
Web Design

Coding - HTML, CSS, JavaScript, p5.js